May 12, 2008

Utterly shameless blogs promotion

To all of you lovely people who frequently visit my blog Vanilla & Caramel, I thank you. It warms the cockles of my heart. Every time I check the visitor statistics on this blog, I get pleasantly surprised that there are new visitors, apart from the return visitors (including my originally-assumed readership of 5).

Now, I'm taking opportunity for some shameless plugging of the other blogs I write for - some, in conjunction with my sisters Lani and Lynn; others, purely mine.

Here they are:

Green Unlimited - Three sisters talking about the latest green products, environmental news, and also about the steps we take in living greener lifestyles.

So You Hate Your Job - quite self-evident : )

The Love Knot: Guide for the Clueless and the Lovelorn - We're finally back after an almost-5-month hiatus.

And of course, my erstwhile abandoned baby due to workplace madness, Red Mark Studio and its blog, that is abandoned no more. It's up and running. Finally open for business!

Each blog reflects the stuff I'm interested in - environment, job/work issues, love/romance/dating, and finally, a meshing of my love of writing and weddings. Perhaps I need a food and restaurant blog as well. I love to eat.

I hope you'll all check out the other blogs. Perhaps link them too? If you have other blogs that can be linked to some of the blogs above, let me know. We can all join forces.

And now I leave my soapbox.


Jem said...

I shall continue following this blog as I've always done, and visit the others as well.

Your thoughts are getting heard although it may not be as evident sometimes.

Cez said...

Thanks, Jem. That's nice to know. Sometimes it feels like it's going out there, nowhere. Hope all is well with you and your honey.