May 28, 2008

What makes a bad daughter

Is it not e-mailing or texting your father's siblings (when you don't have their cellphone numbers and e-mail addresses in the first place) while you're in the middle of a family emergency?

Is it constantly providing shelter and food, apart from attention and time, to your parents when they're visiting?

Is it trying not to answer back and holding back your tongue, even when he's being persnickety and cranky for no apparent reason?

Is it focusing on and knowing what is more important between my sister or my relatives? Is it the result of giving more of my time to the person who needs it the most, not to those who simply want it?

I was tagged the most horrible daughter by my father last Monday. Simply because his siblings think I'm the most horrible niece to ever roam the earth. Obviously, he sides with them. I didn't even say those things I wrote above, so as not to sound as if I'm rubbing their faces with the good I try to do for them.

After all I've done and more. So much ado about nothing. It's not important right now, as I'm focusing on my sister's well-being. But it's awful, hurtful and unacceptable.


Lene said...

I can relate because recently, my father threw bad words at me. very hurtful talaga.

It can't be taken back. But I just hope your father as well as mine may in time realize how HIS choice of words could be so upsetting to a daugther who has done so much for her family.

Make heart, Cez. Everything will be alright. My prayers will always include you, specially your sister.

God bless!

Cez said...

Lene, reading your comment made me realize those things happen more often than we'd like. You're right, it can't be taken back. Now what do we do as daughters? What else can we do but move on! You should read Paige's comment to my other post. Thanks for the prayers!