June 1, 2008

The strength of my sisters

Seeing my sister Lani through the recent crisis and watching her strength impressed me more than I can say. How she can laugh and console others at the time when she probably needed other people to make her laugh and console her is totally beyond me. With radiation treatments just around the corner for her, I imagine she'll weather those things with her laughter and sense of humor intact.

Lynn lost practically everything she owned during last April's fire. She cried as if her heart was breaking, yet managed to come out of the situation stronger and still smiling. Forced to mature by events like our father's bypass surgery, the fire and now, our older sister's medical situation, the youngest is coming into her own without her even realizing it.

The eldest, Lourdes, has been through one crisis after another through the years. Yet she's like a cat that lands on its feet every time. Despite all these, she continues to laugh her infectious laughter. She lets bad situations slide off her with ease.

I grew up with these ladies. We've laughed, giggled, fought, cried, conspired, huddled as a team, gossiped, and even ignored each other - the usual sisterly things.

I always knew they were made of stern stuff, but seeing it in action impresses me no end.

Now I ask myself, am I as strong as my sisters? Or do I break down at the drop of a hat? Am I resilient? Do I come out of bad situations a better or a bitter person?

Perhaps my strength is actually in seeing theirs (and others) and being mindful of mine. I've had my fair share of life's knocks and hits, but I continue to forge on. All the while trying to figure out what it all means and why people act the way they do. I allow myself to feel my emotions, without constantly analyzing or worrying that my feelings make it seem like I'm a bad person. What other strengths do I have, I wonder?

All the same, these formidable women are my sisters. Related to them by blood, the strength that lies in their blood also lies in mine. And vice-versa.

That brings me a lot of comfort.


Lani said...

We all draw strength from each other. Seeing you all efficient, matter-of-fact and businesslike was just what I needed. I love ya! Amishu!

Lynn said...

"...the youngest is coming into her own without her even realizing it."

I-I-I-I am?