June 15, 2008

To all fathers out there on Fathers' Day

A man does not become a father until he has children.

Here is a little prayer/wish/hope/plea that I wrote, which is addressed to all the fathers out there.

May you take your responsibility as a father seriously.

May you be there to watch them grow up and grow old.

May you be around to see and allow them to make mistakes and also to learn from them.

May you be present to watch them and be proud as they make something of themselves.

May you fill your children's memories with more happy and loving experiences, and less bittersweet and heartbreaking ones.

May you be happy for and proud of your children who grew up with their heads screwed on right and their hearts in the right places.

May you appreciate and not take for granted the love and respect that is given to you.

May you respect your children in the same way they respect you.

May you always remember the good your children have done.

May you love your children as you love yourself.*

* If you don't really love yourself that much, then at least love your children more. At least it's self-sacrificing...sort of.


Lani said...

I read an interview with Helen Hunt, and she was commenting on how children take their cues from their parents. She said something like wishing to be the person she would want her daughter to be. I hope all parents take this to heart, and set good examples.