July 5, 2008

All about Aklan again

The day after the festivities of July 4th, I am back again to share with you all this news article about Aklan - "Aklan still in shambles after 'Frank'".

I hope government authorities will put a stop to the rise in the prices of prime commodities over there. Come on, your constituents need all the help right now, and I mean ALL the help. That means don't let those who are trying to take advantage of the situation, take advantage of the situation. That's a definite no-no. Haul the asses of those who raise prices to jail. Though I reckon even the jail won't be of any use right now. If the law's not enough to stop them, how about their fear of the Lord? Karma? Whatever goes around, comes around?

Bottled water companies in the Philippines, here's the time to do your charitable work. How about donating some water? Perhaps those of us here in the US can try to contact bottled water companies here in the US as well. I wonder how much help that can be, considering the shipping and all that? Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to try.

"'Many do not have a house to return to and cannot work because they have lost everything, even the hammers and saws of carpenters and food baskets of vendors,' said George Calaor, spokesperson of the provincial chapter of the militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan." - anybody with extra home building materials to donate?

Now, cooler minds intervene. Please. If it's true that Kalibo Mayor Raymar Rebaldo's been criticized for the slow response, he's only one man. He can only do so much. I, of course, do not know this mayor from Adam, but suffice it to say, he needs help like everyone else. More so actually because the eyes of everyone will be focused on him.

I do hope the national government will realize how urgently and desperately help is needed. The Philippines benefits greatly from the tourism industry in Aklan, specifically in Boracay and during Ati-Atihan. Typhoon Frank delivered such a heavy blow that it's taking its toll on our fellowmen.

If you're not from Aklan like me, for goodness' sake, please don't think this doesn't affect you. It affects our fellowmen. That should be enough reason. Help spread the word. Collect items you no longer use or want, put it in a box and donate it. Other people lost everything. You have the power to give and share. Don't think twice. Just go for it.

If you're from Aklan, then know that you're not alone.

Better yet, if you guys can help those who were affected in both Aklan AND Iloilo, then God will definitely bless you.