July 1, 2008

More on Aklan

To Aklanons (and even non-Aklanons) out there, here are other sites for your information: Help Kalibo, Akeanon Ag Proud specifically the What's Next?: Bulig Aklan, Bangon Aklan page.

American Living, Filipina Thinking continues to post about what happened. Her most current repost about the Aklan congressman suffering a heart attack probably reflects how high the stress levels are over there. Which is understandable, although sad. Too bad though that as the messenger, some people are venting on her. But that's part of the role, I guess.

For our part, we really want to send a balikbayan box with supplies to my husband's relatives, but that'll take forever. So it was agreed that we'll send money to our in-laws in California, who will then forward it to the Philippines.

Oh, and what's this I read somewhere that government officials there do not want it known the level of devastation for fear that it will affect the tourism industry? If this is true, SHAME ON YOU. You should be taking care of your constituents at this time of dire need. Now, if this isn't true, shame on those who are spreading that rumor. This should be a time for unity, not division.


cheryl joy martinez said...

Hi Cez,

Thank you so much for making me a "link". A big help to get the readers know about Aklan's tragedy! BLOGGERS ROCK!

Got to confess though, I deleted the post about our dear congressman. Although I knew about it even before the press got hold of the news, I decided to let the "professionals" do it. We got media coverage now! Thank goodness whew. He he he.

But my blog continues to post news report links. It is quite a comprehensive file, from the Philippine Daily Inquirer to GMA 7 news coverages. So please visit often.



Cez said...

Hi Cheryl,

No problem. Keep up the good work. I already linked you to my blog.

Keep fighting the good fight.