August 20, 2008


Early morning. It's my birthday. So 34, that's my age now. It doesn't feel so much different from 33, which is good. Hope it stays that way...or even improves. There's always room for improvement, right?

I got fantastic gifts from my husband (more details and possibly pictures later). A good friend from way back when arrived last night. I haven't seen him in AGES! Two other friends texted their birthday greeting on the stroke of midnight (hi Lei!). One friend from high school sent an e-greeting (can't open it yet due to some site maintenance). Other friends came out of the woodwork since last week to greet me happy birthday.

Those who'll remember will remember. That's always been what I think.

Just interesting that this birthday seems to highlight good friends. So I give thanks for the good friends in my life. I pray for good health, contentment and peace of mind for me and my family. Here's hoping my 34th year will be filled with fun, love and laughter. Happy birthday to me!


Lene said...

Happy, happy birthday Cez! :) I believe birthdays are one of the best days to contemplate what life has given you for the past year and the things you look forward to. May this day be as meaningful as the rest.


Perfectwound said...

Hey Happy 34th Birthday~!!!

Wish you all the best for your future and career. Do take care~!!


Leo said...

And what're you doing up so early in the morning, ha? Haha! *wink wink* ^^

Happy, happy birthday, Cez! Cheers!

Jay Lagare said...

Happy birthday!

... Paige said...

Sorry I missed it, but that seems to be my style. You know if I'm wearing it, saying it or feeling it the moment has past.

But nonetheless let me sing to you in my most awesome e-voice {just pretend}

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Cez
Happy birthday to you
And Many more!

Meikah said...

Happy birthday, Ces!

Who cares about the numbers as long as you are living life the way you want it to be? To me that is most important.

Here's to another year of blessings. Embrace them all! :)