August 8, 2008

Olympic fever

My husband and I were supposed to head out for dinner tonight. Didn't happen. Instead, we're still watching the Parade of Nations of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

And have you seen these cute official Olympic mascots? So cute!

Honestly, I'm not big on sports, not even the Olympics. But since my husband and sisters started watching it here at home earlier, I ended up watching it myself. And still watching. (FYI, my sister Lani is probably the only self-admitted sports fan...just every four years - during the Olympics!). But I've got to tell you the opening ceremony was JUST VERY IMPRESSIVE.

OH MY GOODNESS! Did you see the lighting of the Olympic torch? I dropped my jaw and ended up clapping like crazy once it was lit. Amazing! That's how China shows the world how it's done.

Let's watch as "One World, One Dream" unfold in the days to come.

2008 Beijing Olympics Logo from here and image of mascots from here.


Perfectwound said...

Well I had missed out the torch lighting, but manage to catch a few moments of the opening and really it was great~!!

Earlier on I'd watched the women weightlifting for 48kg category, and China broke the record. But my eyes were on the pretty Turkish gal whom took the bronze. Anything competition that caught your attention?? :)

Cez said...

I haven't watched any of the competitions yet, just the opening ceremony. I'll have my opinion soon!

Leo said...

I've seen the women's weightlifting too. It's amazing to see the world record getting broken.

The beautiful Turkish weightlifter was obviously the cameraman's favorite (always extreme close-up!).

We caught parts of the swimming and judo events yesterday. Galeng! The camera shots and coverage at the swimming pool are outstanding.