August 3, 2008

Pet peeve: People who say, "you can cook?" (oh yes, I can!)

Allow me to vent for a bit.

In a span of a week, three persons acted oh-so-surprised when they found out that I can cook.

Which irked me, of course. At the very least, it was stupid. At worst, it was insulting.

Yes, I CAN COOK. What on earth have we been subsisting on in a span of SEVEN years of being married? Don't tell me that my husband and I look so unhealthy that it's easy to assume all we ever eat is take-out food. Excuuuse me. I learned how to cook even when I was in the Philippines and living with my parents.

I do not boast of my cooking skills. I do not define myself by the housewifely skill of cooking. But it doesn't mean that I do not know the difference between a pot and a pan; how to blend, boil, broil, chop, dice, fry, julienne, mince, parboil, pan-fry, puree, saute, stir-fry, etc.; even the uses of garlic, onions, tomatoes and heck, even fennel!

Which brings me to my father-in-law. After hubby and I got married, we visited my in-laws. My FIL remarked that he suspects I cook so well because his son looks well-fed. A surprising comment considering I didn't cook for them (my in-laws) at the time. But it's a statement based on common sense.

Now, a part of me wants to prove to the three persons how they're soooo wrong. But what's the point of that? I know what I know. That's enough for me. They can wallow in their ignorance.