August 5, 2008

What a jam!

Guess who made homemade strawberry jam last night?

ME! Yep, I surely did. I found a recipe online and gave it a try last night. I think it tastes legit. Even my husband agrees. Niiiiice!


... Paige said...

yeah strawberries.

I don't store my photos online so I'm not much help when it come to that. I load them on the puter burn to disk and some for a car club we do I load to Picassa (sp?) don't know if that is a pay place or not as the account belongs to the Car Club owner.

I would be in serious trouble if I could only have 200 photos as I can take way more then that in a days time.

Cez said...

Picasa Web Albums? How is it? I know it's Flickr's competition, but that's the extent of what I know about Picasa Web Album.