September 16, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe: OMG

No longer is Daniel Radcliffe simply Harry Potter to me.

Daniel Radcliffe is an actor, a thespian. He took up the challenge of theater acting and passed with flying colors.

My sisters Lani, Lynn and I watched "Equus" last Saturday. What a fantastic evening. I will post my review some other time, as this post will be about Daniel.

People focused on the frontal nudity. What utter nonsense.

This young man can act. Really, honestly. Where did this 19-year-old get such depth? Now it seems like his Harry Potter gig limits his talent. Now I feel like I can't watch HP movies without shaking my head. I've witnessed the talent in this young man. Totally blew me away. You will not see him as Harry Potter. He IS Alan Strang, the complete package.

Kudos to Mr. Radcliffe. What a great career move. What an engaging performance. He claimed the character as his own. Daniel as Alan lures you into his world.

And what can I say about Richard Griffiths (he's Uncle Vernon in the HP movies) as psychiatrist Martin Dysart? What HASN'T been said about him as a performer? Brilliant. His entire performance was utterly brilliant. But you know what I liked the most? At the end of the show after the curtain call, he put his arm around Daniel on their way out of the stage. As if saying, "good job". That made both of them so human, so accessible somehow.

Too bad that we didn't see them after the show. There was quite a crowd waiting. But, as I told my sisters, we already saw so much of Daniel during the performance, I'm contented already.
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Meikah said...

Wow, I'm seeing him in a different light now, too. :-D