September 12, 2008

The search for a green rental car (part 2)

Wow, this topic actually merited 2 posts!

Anyway, I ended up canceling my earlier reservation. Thanks to Alamo, I booked a midsized hybrid for almost $210, less than the $300+ rates I've been seeing the whole day. I gotta be thankful for discount codes, although I spent practically my entire evening searching for hours!

As you know, I originally booked a car with Hertz from its Green Collection - a midsized Toyota Corolla. But when I thought about it long and hard, it seemed 28+ mpg is hardly much of a difference. By any chance, were they merely being lax with their criteria of what a green car should be?

So I went online again tonight. Looked for more discount codes and tested all of them in various websites. Fortune favors the brave, so they say, but in this case, fortune favored the patient. I found and booked a hybrid for $43.90/day!

Granted, the current car reservation costs $10 more than the earlier reservation, but I'm banking on the fuel savings to offset the expense. Kind of. If we were going to stay mostly in Las Vegas, I wouldn't be this obsessed with a hybrid car. But since we're not, and I know for a fact the distances to be covered, a hybrid car seems to be the wise choice.

After that grueling search and booking, why the heck won't someone make green car rental easier? As it is, it's like - or even worse - than pulling teeth.

Now I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a Prius.