October 28, 2008

Help them find a home - A Fresh Start

Here's another online project of mine, A Fresh Start.

I started A Fresh Start as a way to find new homes for my previously owned and used books, CDs, DVDs, etcetera - to give them a fresh start. Simply doing my bit for the environment by not dumping these items in landfills. Our local library is already chock-full of these items, and I didn't really have the heart to throw them out. Not knowing what else to do with them, I checked out Amazon.com. The answer to my dilemma!

My sister Lani also donated a bunch of her stuff, which you'll find in the product gallery. My goal right now is simply to get the items out in the world and into new homes.

Here's my Storefront. Check it out!


... Paige said...

Well you little vampire girl. we have most of these books already, but I will tell my reading friends.

Cez said...

Thanks, Paige! Yeah, I was a big Vampire Chronicles/Anne Rice fan during my youth. I have the SET now, so these ones can go. Hehe. Perhaps I should check out the Twilight books as well. :)