October 16, 2008

The Last Debate - here's what I think!

Last night's debate had me riveted - it being the last debate. It's interesting to watch, if only it doesn't directly affects me. But since it does, it becomes painful to watch. Why? More on this later.

First, my observations:

McCain was in his element last night. Finally. You see, I wasn't particularly impressed with him during the second debate. I thought he was busy shuffling all over the platform then. At least last night, he seemed more confident and comfortable. It showed.

McCain keeps pointing out Obama's eloquence, how Obama is good with words. As if Obama's educated background is a bad thing. Yeah, I know, the McCain campaign is targeting the "Joe Six-Pack", after all.

He acted offended when Obama doesn't pay attention to what he says. Funny to hear that when he doesn't pay attention to what Obama says either.

It's amazing to watch someone not listen to what the other person says. Even if one candidate already said what they plan to do, the other candidate ignores it and continues to push his point, even if the point has already been disproved.

I'm pleased Obama FINALLY tackled the Ayers and Acorn issues head-on. Please, let this matter be put to rest. It's been discussed endlessly. It's been beaten to a pulp. Enough already.

Regarding the VP candidates, Obama presented Biden as an equal partner, one good with foreign policy. McCain presented Palin like a father proud of his daughter.

Oh, and there's a new campaign star - Joe The Plumber!

Now, why was it painful to watch?

The US economy's in such a mess. Both parties are uttering promises. How these promises will become realities is something we can only wait and see. I admit, I feel like Obama's plans have more teeth. It has more substance to it.

However, I am keeping in mind that they're both politicians. They're used to being in the public eye under public scrutiny. They know how to work crowds. They know people are watching, so they have to look good, say the right things, be charming while being persuasive. But I also know that they don't have all the resources to do what must be done. EVEN if it's demanded heavily on them. Believing that once either one of them becomes the president, things will improve just like that is an illusion. It will take time and resources, but most importantly, we should be vigilant in making sure that they're staying true to their promises.

And yes, they're both casting wide nets to attract the most voters out here in the US. They have to. However, the smear campaigns that both parties have engaged in definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It's one thing to attack a person's ideas or plan of action; it's another to attack them as a person. How's this example to highlight the difference: "You're thinking of jumping off a cliff naked? That's crazy!" versus "You're an idiot for even thinking of jumping off a cliff!".

After the debate, I chatted with my big bro. I told him that I wondered what the big fuss was about Ayers and Obama. I mean, we all have friends whose ideas and principles we don't agree with 100%, but we're still friends with them. That's what's called tolerance. Unless your way of thinking is in the lines of "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are". Then my big bro said, "Jesus dined with tax collectors and sinners." Which I thought made sense. That put our discussion to rest. Not to imply that Obama's the present-day Jesus, of course.

I feel sorry for whoever wins because they're not even elected yet, and the weight of the world is already upon them. Not a good spot to be in. You've gotta be impressed with them for forging on, despite knowing what headaches lie ahead of them.


Lani said...

I like John McCain, I respect him for his service to this country. But lately he's been so moody, hostile and snarky. The pressure must be getting to him.

Cez said...

He's tired from all of these things as well. Snarky's a good word, really.