October 30, 2008

Something ghastly for Halloween

I'm referring to the inhumane treatment of animals. It's close to Halloween, and I chose it as the time to watch the documentary "Earthlings".

I knew that it wasn't going to be an easy and pleasant documentary to watch. I got the special extended DVD last Monday, but hesitated in watching it. I didn't feel prepared. I heard it was a powerful documentary - no sugarcoating, no beating around the bush. When I finally decided to watch it last night, I took a deep breath before watching. Then the movie started.

I couldn't look. I couldn't watch. "Who wants to look?" was a question that resonated all throughout the movie.

I shook my head. I was outraged. A whole gamut of words came to my mind while watching how animals get treated - disgusting, abominable, ghastly, gruesome, horrific, loathsome, nauseating, outrageous, repugnant, revolting, scandalous, shocking, vile.

I wanted to turn off the DVD, but I realized that even if I have the luxury to turn it off, the sordid and inhumane practice won't stop. I cannot be an informed consumer if I refuse to be informed. So I continued watching it.

I cringed. My stomach lurched. It was gut-wrenching. At some parts, I cried.

Sadly, we're paying for the harsh treatment of our fellow creatures now, what with all the so-called "modern-day diseases". How can people treat their fellow creatures this way? What humanity is left in humans who treat non-humans this way? And what role do we play in perpetuating this revolting system?

If you can find a copy, I dare you to watch it completely and still continue eating meat.

P.S. I heard it can be found online via Google Videos. I haven't checked. But the video is available on the website. I don't think it's a documentary that kids can watch. Even teens might find it appalling, but then again, you never know with young people.