October 14, 2008

Things I wish I'd said, but didn't

Back in June, my sister Lynn wrote "Things I'm not brave enough to tell people".

My own list occurred to me last night. I grabbed a pencil and paper and started scribbling away. It's made up of stuff I should've said to people I know - some are simply in the past; others are still lurking in the nooks and crannies of my life. Some of them are too mean, no wonder I never told them. Others are just expressions of exasperation or regret. I'm not mentioning names although most of them won't get to read this list anyway. Writing them out felt gooooood! Here goes...

  1. You were true to your word. Thank you for that.
  2. I thought you were horrible. Glad to know I was wrong.
  3. If that's what it takes for you to move on, then I'm perfectly fine with it.
  4. I told you that I stay when I'm treated well. I left you when you stopped treating me well.
  5. I wish it didn't end that way.
  6. I wasted my time on you.
  7. I've had enough of you. Go away.
  8. Admitting life isn't perfect doesn't make you less of a person. It makes you honest.
  9. Your world might revolve around them. It doesn't mean mine does as well.
  10. Stop making fun of people. You're showing how insecure you are.
  11. Somehow, your air of superiority doesn't fool me.
  12. Stop using your tears to get your way. It's getting old.
  13. I'm on to you.
  14. I'm glad the two of you didn't end up together. You would've hurt her. She doesn't deserve that.
  15. Face the consequences of your actions. Sure, what you did was improper, inappropriate and, well, wrong but your secret will come out eventually. Why not just reveal it? At least, you're in control of how it gets revealed.
  16. Don't complain to me how annoying, pesky and out of control your kids are, then ask me when I'm having one.
  17. People treat you that way not because of your race. It's because you're mean and bossy to them. Your race has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  18. It's ARROGANCE, not ARROGANCY. If you're going to be insulting, insult people correctly. Otherwise, you miss your mark.
  19. You're a bitter woman who treats people badly, so they'll end up as bitter as you.
  20. I can never listen to you without wondering, "which part of this story is true?" You've lied too many times to too many people. Including me.


Jon said...

oh i can relate to a lot of those things you listed. i love specially number 16. at least i am not asked when i will have children. lol

Cez said...

Lucky you! The thing with my list is that some of them can be combined and said to one person! How sad is that? But when I wrote that, I made sure that I was thinking of separate people per line.