November 13, 2008

Bail-out shmail-out

So it turns out that more banking firms and its ilk are seeking more bail-out help.


Why do we have to be saddled with the burden of bailing out these guys?

It's not as if they're lowering and/or writing off our debts. It's not as if THEY'RE bailing out the ordinary folks. People are up to their eyeballs in debt, and these buggers are getting help. Not only do they already have OUR money, they want more of it! How about giving us folks the money instead? What with their cushy jobs and even cushier lifestyles, I'm sorry to say but my sympathy doesn't really go out to them. If at all, I feel sorry for us!

They charge us for every single thing, even for a simple ATM withdrawal. They slap us with endless fees and charges for accessing OUR money. Now it's up to US to bail them out? This is ridiculous! I'm surprised why people aren't more agitated and outraged by this.


Lani said...

Did you hear that if the bail-out was evenly distributed among us common folk, it would amount to $150 grand per person? Wouldn't our financial woes be over then? We can pay off credit card bills, mortgages and maybe have money left over for shopping.

... Paige said...

Today, I took a 10% cut in pay and got to keep my job with insurance. What a blessing to have been given this option. Some of my co-workers were not.

I think it's time for a do-over.
Everyone goes back to -0- with a clean slate and starts over.

Cez said...

You're right, sis.

Paige, congratulations. At least you get to keep your job.

You're both right. I wish they'd just distribute $150 to us folks, so we can start over.