November 11, 2008

"Filipino Racism", etc.

Fabulous blog post from my sister Lynn "Filipino Racism". Couldn't have said it any better.

We've been discussing Pres. Obama's victory endlessly. We also wondered why most of the Filipinos we know here in the U.S. were all for McCain. I wasn't. I respect the man for his service to this country, but this country is in a mess right now. It needs fixing. It might entail a totally different strategy, but a different strategy is better than plodding the same old weary path. We've been through that same old weary path and look where it led us.

Plus, I can't really connect the pro-life and pro-war stance. Seriously. I mean, I'm pro-life. I believe in the right to life. But pro-war? No. Are they pro-life so there will be more people in the future to send to war? Tsk tsk.

Mind you, the fear-mongering that other countries hate the U.S. because of its democracy doesn't really float with me. Sometimes, people hate others because of what they do, not what they stand for.


Lynn said...

I reckon people hate people more for what they do, not what they represent. Thoughts?

Lani said...

Growing up in the Philippines, I was always told I was the unattractive daughter/sister because I had darker skin than you guys. No wonder Filipinos are obsessed with mestizas/mestizos and skin-whitening products.
I think President Obama's one handsome brutha!