November 5, 2008

A different kind of election

I'm still reeling from the Obama/Biden victory. Fantastic. I wanted to join the people celebrating, but that would've taken an almost 2-hour drive. :D

It showed me the potential of the US if everyone will just get their act together and work together. Imagine how much good America can do if everyone in this country unites as one. This election showed what happens when the entire country is galvanized into action.

I'm glad people saw past the fear-mongering.

President Obama keeps stressing that he will not do everything on his own.

President Obama made the people feel like they're part of something, that they WILL be part of something important. He made people feel like they have a stake in what will happen in the future. People responded.

The so-called apathetic youth proved everyone wrong. They came out in full force and voted.

The cynical seniors proved everyone wrong. They came out in full force and voted.

Sure, it was a sweeping victory. It felt like it. Last night, I felt like with Barack as leader, all the bad stuff will get swept away. Not immediately, of course. But that feeling of hope definitely beats the feelings of panic, fear, disappointment and frustration that's been going around lately.

Things are finally looking up.

Here's something I'd like to tell Sen. McCain:

You gave such a touching speech. Really. In the face of defeat, you held your head high and spoke from the heart. It FELT like it was the real McCain speaking, not the McCain I watched on tv during rallies. And I liked the McCain I saw last night. You seemed like a good guy who was ill-advised during the campaign.

You've served this country for too long and we're grateful for that. In fact, I imagine you'd continue to serve the country, even if you didn't win the presidency. If only your campaign focused on what lies ahead, instead of putting fear in people's hearts. If only your campaign offered possible solutions, instead of attacking and demonizing the other person. If only you chose a good running mate, instead of a token one. You endured a grueling campaign period up till the end. You fought till the end. And there's no shame in that.

Thank you for fighting the good fight. It wouldn't have been that way without you.