November 6, 2008

Note to the press

Everyone's over the moon with the Obama victory, but I worry that the honeymoon phase with you guys will not last long. I dread the day when Obama, who can do no wrong right now, will suddenly wake up one day and find out that he can do nothing right.

Cut him some slack. Give him a longer honeymoon phase, if possible. We all know that the US isn't in pretty good shape right now. Yet there he is, accepting the toughest job in the US and perhaps the world. With so many problems to fix, it's a surprise that he didn't waver in his candidacy (or maybe he did, but who knows?).

Put yourself in his shoes
. Which problem will you take care of first? Tough question, huh! So let him deal with things one at a time, if needed. Better for it to be done that way, than for him to attack all problems at once and do a lousy job, right?

Give him a bit of space and time to grieve. It was probably a bittersweet victory for him - losing his grandmother and winning the presidency. He can't possibly be 100% joyful about the latter.

So please, give him a chance to prove his mettle, but let it be a fighting chance. He's got four years. Let him start on the right footing.