December 18, 2008

Back from California

We arrived last night after some flight reservation glitch and delayed flights. More on the glitch below.

It was a great trip. Spending time with my husband's family and relatives makes me realize why he is the way he is...and I don't mean that in a bad way. They're lovely decent folks. More on our trip in a day or two.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I woke up with a sore throat on the day of our return flight, so it wasn't quite fun. Yesterday, I was congested with a sore throat. Arrrgh! I'm hoping this is a simple innocent bug that will go away soon.

I'm pasting here my e-mail about what happened to our flight reservations:

"Guess what? Delta totally messed up our reservations!

When I checked our flight info online to make sure the flight will fly as scheduled, no flight information came up! I promptly called Delta and spoke to a Delta representative. To my chagrin, I was told that since we missed our Dec 4 flight, Delta canceled our reservations for the return trip. The logic was, I assume, "if these folks didn't get to California, why on earth will they need a return trip?" Which makes sense if we didn't fly the next day!

Then I was put on hold for the longest time (half-hour), while the two of us could not believe what happened. After all, the Delta representative in Bradley Airport NEVER mentioned a return flight cancellation due to the missed flight, and never even hinted at the possibility of such a thing happening. Honestly, it didn't occur to us that they'd cancel our return flight after missing the Dec 4 flight since we DID fly out of Bradley Airport the next day and our flight was rebooked at the airport by a Delta agent! Our CA-bound trip should've been found on their system!

Anyhoo, all's well that ends well. Delta agent sorted out the whole mess and rebooked us on another flight without charging us. She apologized and claimed that the mistake was on their part, even said it shouldn't have happened that way. I was ready for battle if they said they'd charge us. However, we don't sit together anymore. Bummer. Hopefully, we'll get proper seats later today. *crosses my fingers* Goodness, air travel just keeps getting weirder and weirder!"

My husband and I DID end up sitting together on the second leg of our trip. That part was nice.