December 29, 2008

Congratulations are in order

To our friend Jay (of Chasing Daydreams) and his sweetie Chei, congratulations on your engagement!!!

As I said in our earlier chat, married life is great, if you're with the right person.

Good luck with the wedding planning. Don't get too consumed by the planning that the two of you forget the day-to-day fun of being together. Go on dates without talking about the wedding. Most importantly, have fun.

The wedding is just a step into what's even more important - the life you will create together.

Congratulations again!


Lene said...

I simply looove this line of yours--'the life you will create together'.

Makes me want to look forward to- our turn. (high hopes! :p)

... Paige said...

Ah, that is nice.

Happy New Year!

mitch said...


This is Chei! :)

Thanks for the greetings, I assume Jay wasn't able to see this post, too bad.

Anyway, if you're in Manila you can drop by our place and maybe by that time, our little angel is already born. :D

Thanks again!