December 5, 2008

Guess who missed their flight?


Yeah, we surely did. We got stuck in a traffic jam. When we reached the airport's long-term parking, the ticket dispenser was jammed, so we moved to the other long-term parking lot. Luckily, the airport shuttle was there. When we got to the check-in area, we were asked if we were checking in any luggage or if we have any pets. Yes to both, I piped up. "Oh, you can't board now, it's too late" was the apologetic reply. Drat!

We rebooked another flight that will leave later today. I was annoyed at having to pay rebooking fees, but to put things in perspective, it could've been more expensive (originally $220pp, but we were charged $100pp). Joanne, the Delta agent, was very helpful. We returned to the long-term parking area to get our vehicle and went back home.

Missed flights are never fun, especially when you're already there at the airport, you KNOW the plane's still there, it's not even taxiing down the runway, yet you can't board it. BUT these things do happen. Just gotta roll with it.