December 4, 2008

Second California trip in 2008

It's 12:05am. I had lots of days to pack my stuff, yet of course, I waited till the last minute to actually load 'em in the luggages. They've been waiting around, all sorted and everything in the spare room. At least I didn't have to contend with wondering what to bring as I had that figured out weeks ago.

Now if only I can find that darn luggage name tag...

Anyway, we leave later today for California - the only difference is that we're also L.A.-bound to visit my bro-in-law. It should be interesting. Zack's coming along as well, his second trip to the west coast. His airfare actually costs more than ours! Oh well.

I know I've been quiet in here (and also the other blogs I write for). Something got started that I'll post about in a day or two (hint: Lynn mentioned it in her blog). There's a lot to take care of, so that's why I've been remiss with my blogging duties.

Now I better get going with my search for that name tag. Happy Thursday/Friday/weekend!


... Paige said...

Be oh so safe.
Merry Christmas and super happy New year

Cez said...

Thanks, Paige! You too!