December 31, 2008

Spikey arrives tomorrow

We're adopting an 8-year-old male Maltese named Spikey tomorrow. Zack already met him and they got along. Spikey was headed for the shelter because his owner couldn't keep him anymore. I felt sorry for the little guy. He's old. As we all know, old dogs in shelters are the last ones to get adopted, but the first ones to be put to sleep.

Good thing his owner didn't ask for an adoption fee as long as he goes to a loving home. All she asked were photos and updates. She's also giving us everything Spikey owns, including his food, treats, etc. He's already trained, used to being an indoor dog. They've been together for 8 years. I can imagine how hard it is for her to give him up.

I'm sure people will start yowling away at us again for adopting a dog, instead of simply having a kid. For the life of me, I keep wondering why they equate one with the other. I've even heard that people are saying we'll no longer have kids because we have a dog...and by tomorrow, two dogs.

I can only roll my eyes to the ceiling. Dogs are dogs. Kids are kids. The dogs are not replacing kids. They're pets. They are what they are - devoted and loving companions. Maybe if they gave these creatures a chance, they'd understand - instead of assuming they know - what motivated us to own dogs.

Anyway, I look forward to this small addition to our gang of three. You'll see photos in the days to come, once Spikey gets adjusted to us.

UPDATE: I just received an e-mail. We're no longer getting Spikey. The owner's niece will get him instead.