December 20, 2008

When did traveling become such a burden?

For the longest time, hubby and I were the carry-on sort, not the check-in sort. We both haul around a wheeled carry-on luggage and we're set. However, ever since security requirements were tightened at airports, we've been checking in luggages. And what, pray tell, does our carry-on carry nowadays?

Mine holds my allergy and asthma medicines, just in case I need them. Plus, I also have a camera, an iPod, a laptop, and a PDA. There's the confusing tangle of cords (like AC adapters, iPod FM transmitters, audio & A/V cables!) to charge my cellphone, PDA, laptop, camera batteries, etcetera! And that's just MY carry-on!

When did this happen? Life used to be simpler, right? And honestly, this is getting ridiculous. We better rein in the compulsion to bring so much. It's not even funny anymore.


Lani said...


travel- Origin:
1325–75; ME (north and Scots), orig. the same word as travail (by shift “to toil, labor” > “to make a laborious journey”).

I guess travel's doomed to be a burdensome task.

Lene said...

Merry Christmas Cez! :)