January 10, 2009

Another dessert: inday-inday w/ bukayo

It was another night of dessert experimentation. As I mentioned in my Philippine desserts post, I'm looking to learn more. Tonight I made inday-inday (pronounced in-dahy in-dahy) again, but this time, topped with bukayo (pronounced boo-kah-yo).

I made this dessert completely clueless on how bukayo should taste like. I only saw this photo from Manong Ken's Carinderia website.

Here's what I came up with.

Once again, it was a sweet dessert. My husband said it tastes legit. FYI, inday-inday is made of glutinous rice flour and water. Bukayo is made of brown sugar, coconut milk and frozen shredded young coconut (from the Asian store - I defrosted it before using). The recipe also suggested anise, which I didn't have.

Funny, my bukayo looks soooo similar to caramel.


... Paige said...

pretty. things are bad, worse then some folks want to see. Pray, that is all we can do

Cez said...

Well-said, Paige.