January 16, 2009

Are you on Facebook?

Coz I'm not.

I had to ask after reading this article "You Have No Friends: Everyone else is on Facebook. Why aren't you?".

I've gotten so many invites from friends for the longest time, but haven't taken action. My husband doesn't have one either. I'm sure it offers some delights and pleasures unknown to me yet.

I had a Friendster account that I canceled back in 2007. I got tired of it. After I discovered and was discovered by the folks I really wanted to be in touch with, I canceled. I don't see the point of having hundreds and hundreds of so-called "friends". I mean, really! How can it still be a friendship? I AM exploring LinkedIn right now for business reasons.

So are you or aren't you in Facebook? Let me know!


Lynn said...

I'm on Facebook, as you know. These days, it's mainly just because of Mob Wars.

... Paige said...

No Facebook for me. But if I ever have rinoplasty (sp) I might would joing "New" facebook. lol
Heck I don't even twitter
and some folks think that is bad of me. But geez I gotta do some work some of the time.

Lene said...

I'm not of Facebook merely because I don't want to. I'm extremely satisfied with Blogger and just registered again on Multiply. I opted to stick with the 2. :)

And oh, I was never a fan of Friendster too. I tried but after merely a week I think, I cancelled my account.