January 1, 2009

First day of 2009

I slept late (past 4am) watching UFO Hunters on History Channel. I was so riveted. Even if my eyelids were drooping, I bravely tried to continue watching. There's just something about UFOs that captivate me. I can't and refuse to believe that it's just us in this big universe, you see. There HAS to be life elsewhere.

To no surprise, I woke up before noon. I had a bowl of Cocoa Krispies with milk, plus a glass of orange juice. Watched tv with my husband - no particular tv show, really. Around 5pm, we were both sleepy, so we napped until it was 9pm (is that still a nap? I reckon it can be considered as proper sleep already), prepared dinner hurriedly while listening to the tv. Now we're both still awake, he's watching "Pan's Labyrinth" while I'm blogging. A good day, despite all the tv watching.

We were supposed to pick up Spikey today, but as per my update in "Spikey arrives tomorrow", nothing happened with that adoption. The owner's niece took one look at Spikey and decided he was hers. So that was that. That's alright. As hubby pointed out, I wanted Spikey to have a loving home. He has one now. Just not with us. Maybe adopting a dog isn't the right thing for us right now. Perhaps fostering? ; ) Yeah, I don't give up.

So that's how my day went. Hope you enjoyed your first day of 2009!


... Paige said...

So all that partying got you off schedule. What a mess to straighten out. Sorry about the baby but I suppose Spikey was not for y'all. The right one will come along.