January 4, 2009

Gambas. Mamma Mia. Into the Wild.

I cooked gambas tonight. I'm sure that I came across gambas back when I lived in the Philippines. Just never tried it. Gambas doesn't really sound appetizing. If at all, it sounds close to gagamba (thanks Lynn for pointing it out) - that's spider in my language. Yuck. Anyhoo, I cooked it tonight and it was pretty good. Then again, I'm biased - I love shrimps! So goodbye to my icky attitude towards gambas.

We also watched "Mamma Mia" on dvd. The movie was, of course, cheerful. Can't help but sing along with most of the songs. Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried were great choices as mother and daughter. Of course, I remember Amanda in "Mean Girls" - the one who can "predict" the weather...har har. It's good to see her in a good movie in the same way it was good seeing Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook". At least "Mean Girls" didn't produce all train wrecks, just one.

Now "Into the Wild" is playing.