January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Thanks to Jon for reminding me of this occasion. If you want to know more about this joyous event, check this out. I found this interesting...
"Second day of the new year
"On the second day, the Chinese pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods. They are extra kind to dogs and feed them well as it is believed that the second day is the birthday of all dogs."

Wow! Happy birthday, Zack! No wonder he had a bath the other day.

I have some vague memories of celebrating Chinese New Year when I was in the Philippines. My mom would pan-fry tikoy with eggs. It had a weird texture that I can't quite describe, but of course I ate it anyway. I also remember red envelopes with money (ang pao), though I don't think it happened often. Or maybe it did, I just don't remember.

We've got some Chinese blood, just not sure what percentage. Then again, most of the people I know back in the Philippines have Chinese blood one way or the other. And who'd say no to celebrating anyway?

Update: My sister Lynn reminded me that our great-grandfather IS pure Chinese. So there.


Perfectwound said...

Happy Lunar New Year~!! Over here in Singapore some of the companies are resting till the coming
Monday for a long vacation... And I'm one of them~!!