January 2, 2009

Second day of 2009

I applied for my passport today. They said that it will arrive in 2 weeks. Then we ate Peruvian food for lunch, watched "Twilight" again, and hung out in Borders. I spent the evening checking out Craigslist. You know, for people who need photographers.

If you guys know anyone who need a photographer for whatever reason - birthdays, baptisms, school sports events, weddings, engagements, even pets, let me know. Especially if they're here in the Northeast. Better if in Connecticut or New York, but I'll consider Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey as well, especially on weekend photo shoots. Or let them know about me. I'm available on weekends. Even weekdays, I'll try to accommodate. Seriously. That's how much I want to build up a serious portfolio. So far, my portfolio is made up of families with kids, food, travel photos, and still-life. I'd like to expand that. Great if you can help me. Or at least, lead me to other websites like Craigslist. You will be much blessed for helping out.

I can't wait to have more photo bookings! I'd love to really kick my photography into high gear this year. Hey universe! Send me more easy-to-please, easygoing, prompt-paying clients please! I'll deliver nothing but my best. Promise!