January 30, 2009

Today she turns 16

I met her when I was 18.

She was 4 months old.

She was the first baby who I babysat on my own. The first day we hung out together, we eyed each other warily. Then at some point in the afternoon, she wouldn't stop crying (and she already had such lung power then). I cried with her, not knowing what to do. Turns out she was sleepy.

Days passed by and I got to know her. She was a funny baby who woke up early with a smile already pasted on her face. This babysitting gig was followed by a few more through the years, until one day, she and her sister no longer needed a babysitter. I couldn't wait until she was a teenager - talking about crushes, boys, clothes, books, movies, songs, etcetera - the stuff that makes being a teenager so much fun. But now that she is, well, things have a way of...well...getting in the way.

Today she turns 16. She no longer needs a babysitter. She's a young lady with so much ahead of her. If you're reading this, here's my birthday message for you:

- Keep smiling and laughing.
- Love with all your heart, but don't give away your heart carelessly.
- If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything.
- Don't take life too seriously, but don't take it too lightly either.
- Love yourself.

I'm not sure if you remember this. I wrote this for you and gave it to you before.
Live your life, as you will
Always dare to dream your dreams

Take risks and love with all your heart
Know what you stand for
Know what you want.

Love yourself, be true and you'll carry on at every turn
Only time will tell what lessons you will learn.

Happy 16th birthday!