February 23, 2009

The Oscars and hope

I don't watch awards show that much. What's more, I usually don't have enough attention to finish the show. This year, I only watched the Golden Globes and the recently concluded Oscars. Totally unplanned.

I thought Hugh Jackman was just fantastic! He looked like he was having fun, so enthusiastic. With tonight's show, it seemed like most people were constantly near or in tears. Nevertheless, the show was engaging enough that I watched it from start to finish.

Tonight's show made me realize that achieving your dreams is really NOT impossible. I mean, look at these people. They all say that winning this or that award is a dream come true. It's amazing, seeing their reactions when they achieved their dreams. I mean, we really don't know when people we know achieve their dreams (unless they invite us, they tell us or we find out one way or the other). There are no cameras in our faces that allows our family, friends and everyone else to share in our ups and downs (thank goodness for that!).

That's what I enjoyed with tonight's show. These people dreamed, worked hard, faced reality, kept going and got what they desired. That's something I'm happy to see. It gave me hope.


Lene said...

I envy you for being able to watch it live. I could have watched the slight delayed telecast on ABS-CBN this morning if only today was declared a non-working holiday.

I just love watching American awards! :) I will have to content myself by watching tomorrow night's telecast on Studio 23.

Lani said...

I love all the musical numbers. Not too crazy about the personalized tributes to the nominees by past winners, but only because it made the show even longer. But I guess all the sentiments expressed were heartfelt and the nominees seemed genuinely touched by the kind words. Could have done without the montages too, although James Franco and Seth Rogen's was funny.

Jon said...

I also thought Hugh was great. Looking forward to see more of him hosting the Oscar.