February 9, 2009

About shih tzus

Shih tzus were featured in Animal Planet's Dogs 101 recently. (You can view the video here.) Naturally, we listened with rapt attention. And we learned something new about shih tzus that we've not heard before. The shih tzu is "more closely related to the wolf than any other breeds."

We decided to look for other information to support this, but instead stumbled upon this post, "Feral Shih Tzus roam Ga. condo complex". It's an old post (2007) and I admit, it's terrible, but isn't that something that can also happen to other breeds, not just shih tzus?

Anyway, that post had a comment that directed me to the webpage "Obey the Shih Tzu! Shih Tzu propaganda t-shirts, posters and gifts for the Shih Tzu Dog Revolution". This image below happens to be my favorite:

Image from here.