February 10, 2009

Thinking about T-Mobile

Cost per text message sent to the Philippines - $0.35

Cost per text message received - $0.20

A great mystery plagued me today in connection with my international text messaging. I ended up e-mailing T-Mobile about it. I mean, why don't they offer international text messaging package for customers like me who wish to send international text messages at a lower rate than the standard pay per use rate?

I know AT&T offers such a package. I'd love to avail of that. I send texts to keep in touch with friends & family living elsewhere. I've been with T-Mobile way before it was still Voicestream for their international text messaging capabilities.

Hey T-Mobile, I didn't flinch when you charge us customers for received text messages. But at least make it budget-friendly for us. Maybe you can try to charge us the normal text message charge. Or darn it, just get rid of those charges for text messages we receive altogether. Why are you charging us for those anyway? I've heard other countries only charge for outgoing text messages, so why on earth are you penalizing me for receiving texts?

Screw this. Everyone just wants to get my money.


Jon said...

is moving to ATT an option? that's the beauty of free enterprise.

Lani said...

Not if you still have a contract with T-Mobile, right?