March 17, 2009

Facebook's "Where should you be living?" quiz

I took Facebook's "Where should you be living?" quiz today. The result? Seattle.
"You are tired of the scorching sun and the heat. You want to go somewhere were you can enjoy the rain and the ocean and feel like you are at home. You want to go to the top of the space needle and see everything around you. You have an adventurous spirit that is itching to explore."

I've always wanted to visit Seattle after watching The Real World: Seattle years ago (I don't watch The Real World now). So far, that's yet to happen. Goodness knows when I'll visit that place. It seems going somewhere new is impossible this year, just like last year. I hope, I hope, I hope that I'm wrong. Last year I went back to places that I've already been. Not a bad thing, really, but still...

Anyway, it was interesting when the result was Seattle. I had a good laugh. You know how sometimes, when you take these silly quizzes, you kinda see the pattern and can predict the results? This one had so few questions, yet it hit the nail on the head. I wonder if other people's results were accurate for them as well?


Lynn said...

Hells no. That quiz sent me to Paris.

Lani said...

Mine was wrong too. I got Seattle. I liked Seattle but don't think I'd want to live there.