March 26, 2009

Show him the love, people!

After such an awe-inspiring victory, Pres. Obama still needs to win people over. And over and over again. You'd think his victory is proof enough, but no. Of course not. Now he's got to show all of us that he can do what he said he will - put this country back on track again. Of course, that's to be expected.

Interesting to note that the President seems the type who accepts challenges and doesn't back down. So in a way, what the detractors are doing and saying just backfire. As long as the President keeps his focus, we should be ok. Right?

I admire him. I mean, he inherited a horrible situation. Now he's just out there trying to fix things. How can he be so awful? People won't leave him in peace to get the job done. Maybe they're hoping he'll just give up and say, "you know what? Screw this." Maybe they expect him to run away from the problems, ignore them, whine, whimper or start his own set of problems to distract everyone. They expect him to perform miracles, yet they don't want to support the man.

Then again, adversity builds character. So maybe, in a way, they're helping mold Pres. Obama into the president this country really needs to lead everyone out of this mess.