March 3, 2009

Want what you want, not what others want

Sometimes I wonder whether or not people actually know what they want. Like really, truly, seriously. Not just because they heard someone say something positive about it. Not because it's the "in" thing - the cool thing to do/to buy/to say/to experience. Not because they saw or heard someone else do it and they thought, "if they can do it, so can I!"

Do people still take the time out to sit down, think things through, take a break from thinking, and finally realize what they really want? Everyone seems always in a hurry...perpetually in motion...eager to get things done...quick to decide. I wonder, what's the hurry? Even when it comes to decision-making. Or maybe ESPECIALLY when it comes to decision-making. How many people pursue some other person's dreams, desires and wishes only to find that it didn't suit them? Is it because it's easier to adopt and adapt another's point of view than to think of your own take on things?

Others do it to compete. However, you can keep competing but at some point, the person you're competing with is going after what he/she wants. In the meantime, you're stuck going after something you only wanted out of a false sense of competition. Why not take the time to figure out what you want, need and dream of? Life is too short. Don't waste time going after other people's dreams. Dream your own dreams. Then go for it. Seriously, what's stopping you?