March 23, 2009

Who do you blog for?

I've been blogging since 2005, but it's only recently that I've thought of asking that question to myself (which I'm now asking you as well, my dear readers).

Who do I blog for?

Maybe I can begin with how this blog began. I started it when I was out sick from work (see "The Great Back Problem of 2005"). However, that wasn't the first post. Back then and even for the longest time, this blog served to highlight the ups and downs of my life. Some of you guys read the roller coaster ride that was my work life. Through this blog, I met some really great folks...folks I have yet to meet in real life - virtual friends - but friends nonetheless. Without this blog, how else could I have met these fine folks?

This blog has been the gateway, the news reporter, the record keeper and the shock absorber in my life.

So now, to answer my own question, who do I blog for?

Well, I blog for me. This blog keeps me sane. Writing about things that happen to me, things I do, things other people do to me and my reactions to it, etcetera is, of course, therapeutic. Seeing how I make my decisions, how I felt about certain people/places/events/situations and what factors I consider in my decision-making makes this blog indispensable to me.

What's more, when I re-read old posts, I feel an entire gamut of emotions, as if I'm experiencing things all over again. Sometimes I burst into laughter, chortle, chuckle, giggle, and smile. Other posts make me burst into tears, choke up, and sigh. A few even manage to surprise me...only showing how sometimes, you think certain people/places/events/situations are unforgettable yet people do forget easily.

Now, I also blog for you. I blog with the hope that you guys find what I write, at the very least, interesting. Or even readable. It would be better if you finish reading my posts with something to stir your mind or your emotions. But maybe that's an overkill. :D I don't expect you guys to agree with everything I write. Not at all. But if you guys read and allow free speech to reign, then I'm happy. I might be marching to the beat of my own drums, but at least, it's MY own drums. Or in this case, it's my own blog.

How about you? Who do you blog for?


Lene said...

Your words always fascinate and interest me Cez. And to be honest with you, I find it hard to think of words for comments because I think they'll be non sense. I don't want to tell you this, but I do have high regards in terms of your writing that's why when we get to chat, the first time, I was kinda intimidated. Don't get me wrong, but I am just happy to have found your blog and that I am learning so much because of it.

Please continue to share your wisdom to us. :)

Jon said...

Cez, I could almost have written that. My sentiments are the same as yours with regards to blogging. Touche.

Cecilia said...

Thanks, you two!