April 19, 2009

Happy 35th!

You being you, you didn't want me to make a big fuss on your birthday. But I couldn't let the day pass by without celebrating you on your birthday.

I woke you up with your pancakes-with-a-side-of-bacon breakfast, orange juice, a small lemon cake with a candle, and a birthday balloon. You could've made a fuss that I made a fuss, but you didn't. That's just the way you are.

For lunch, you said you wanted Vietnamese food. I didn't want you to drive, but you insisted. We tried two new dishes (grilled pork with mushrooms cooked in coconut milk with rice noodles and grilled tilapia with chili sauce), shared a hot & sour salmon soup and ordered bubble teas. You were game enough when I said we should try something new on your birthday. That's just how you are.

Then you suggested we head to the park, so Zack can join us. We walked for half an hour, then I had the brilliant idea of taking pictures of the ducks by the pond. Eventually, I took your pictures. You posed, smiled, and played along. That's just who you are.

Tonight, I was ready to cook pancit palabok for you. Yet you were there to help me prepare the ingredients...chopping, mincing and slicing away. When we finally ate dinner, you told me it was delicious. And it was. After all, we prepared it.

Even on your birthday, you don't really focus on yourself. You still think of us - the two of us - being a team, working together. You still think of Zack, spending time walking him even if you could've conveniently used your birthday as an excuse not to do so.

So really, how can I let the day pass without celebrating you on your birthday?

Happy birthday! As you say it, ginahigugma kita. Of course. ;)

(Does this post count as making a fuss?)


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Lene said...

I'm late! But anyways, I'd like to greet your husband a belated happy/grand birthday! :)

Such a sweeet post Cez! *kilig*

Jon said...

give my birthday regards to your very amiable husband!!! :-)

Cecilia said...

thanks, folks!