May 21, 2009

The competition I never knew existed

I'm not a big fan of my high school years. Academically speaking, high school years were a breeze. I even enjoyed physics, algebra, statistics, geometry and trigonometry (then ended up taking mass communication...ha ha!). Socially speaking though, studying in a Catholic school exclusively for girls left much to be desired. A lot of catty behavior, gossip mongering and the like were standard fare. Especially in my school. Those in the class top 10 were usually fair game for those who weren't as academically-inclined. There were lousy attempts to annoy me - a rumor floated around in school that I spend my weekends...horror of horrors!...memorizing the dictionary! I responded by saying, "oh, it's not the dictionary, it's the encyclopedia". But most of the time, I pretty much minded my own business.

A couple of years ago, a close friend from high school and I met up, then got to talking about the good ol' high school days. To my surprise, she mentioned that she and I were rivals back in high school for the top 1 slot. It took me by surprise at the time, but I honestly don't remember it. I was always the top 1 (yeah, I'm THAT geeky). She was top 2. I even reread my old journals to see if I ever thought such a competition existed, but there's no record. The thing is, I used to write down my concerns - every single silly thing - in my old journals. If it's not there, it never was an issue with me.

Fast forward to 2009. A simple YM chat cannot pass without my being top 1 and/or our supposed high school rivalry getting mentioned. Now I find myself avoiding chats with her. She says things like, "well, your name was always at the top of the list so you don't notice everyone else's names" after I told her that I got Facebook friend requests from some high school folks that I barely remember.


Honestly, when have I ever bragged about such things? If anything, I was nonchalant about it. Good grades were expected in our family. My parents never even made a big fuss, especially my mom who believes one is SUPPOSED to get good grades in school. They don't make a big fuss, so we don't make a big fuss.

After all these years, I've tried to be a good friend to her, but it dawned on me lately that really, what kind of friendship has it been on her part? If, after all these years, our supposed rivalry is still all she talks about? I'm close to saying, "look, I have absolutely no idea that there was even a rivalry, so enough already!"