May 24, 2009

How well do you know me?

I had such a blast making the "How Well Do You Know Cecilia?" quiz in Facebook. Especially when I started seeing people's answers. I admit, it's so narcissistic. Mind you, the questions aren't really life-or-death questions, but with the responses I got, you'd think that's the case. Some friends were apologetic that they got low scores. Others surprised me by answering correctly the questions that I didn't think they'd know about. Then again, there were others that I expected would know better. All in all, not a bad quiz.

Truth be told, I didn't really expect anyone to get 100%. I just wanted to see who knows what about me. Especially if they still know anything about me after all these years. I don't expect all of my friends to know every single detail about me, but it's fun if they at least know some. The thing is, it's easy to take people for granted. It's even easier to assume your friends never change. But the truth is, people change. And there's nothing wrong with that.