May 23, 2009

She's been looking for me

This post seems a continuation of the earlier one about high school.

An old high school classmate of mine found me via Facebook. Now, I don't accept all friend requests that I receive (more on that some other time), so I was thinking whether or not I was going to add this girl to my friend list. She sent me an e-mail, so eventually, I did. We ended up chatting online for almost 3 hours. Turns out she's been looking for me (Friendster, MySpace and Facebook). I still have no idea why, really. All she said was that I was so nice to her during high school. As a transfer student, she said the other girls weren't nice to her. More so when she was getting good grades, especially in the math subjects. But she said that she distinctly remembers me being consistently nice to her. And how she feels sorry that we never became close.

That, of course, surprised me. Some of my unpleasant classmates used to describe me as "suplada" (aloof), stuck-up and know-it-all. Nice was never a part of that mix. Even if people would try to piss me off, I ignored them. Mind my own business was all I did. Sure, I was part of a group of ten girls, but even if I was part of that, I did my own thing. So you can imagine that what she told me threw me off-guard completely. Yet, I have to admit, it made me smile. It's nice to know that someone remembers me in such a positive light. She even went out of her way to look for me just to let me know.