June 17, 2009

No good deed goes unpunished

Or so goes a song from the Broadway musical "Wicked".

A friend from way back university days stayed with us for 4 days. She's here in the US to try her luck finding a job. She invited herself over because she doesn't have a computer to use...which means she doesn't have a printer to use in printing her resume. THAT'S why she wanted to come over. Of course, she DID say she wanted to see me. A visit from an old friend, why not, right?

Now, you might be wondering about the title of this blog post. After she left last Tuesday, I set out to use my laptop only to find that my laptop got infected big time - viruses and trojans. All snuck into my computer on Tuesday at 9:48am. My husband and I were out. Unless our dog Zack was using my laptop, then it was probably someone else left at home...

As I type this post, my laptop is still undergoing treatment, so I'm using my husband's computer. I daresay I'm pissed off. Here I was trying to help, but now I'm the one truly inconvenienced.