July 19, 2009

I knew so little about them

I blogged about our house guest who stayed with us for 4 days before. While she was here, I realized how little I knew of our group. What's even stranger is how I can say that with no regret or sadness at all. For her part, she couldn't believe that I have other groups of friends, apart from our group. Odd. I distinctly remember how they used to get mad at me for not hanging out with them, and choosing to hang out with other people. I even remember one instance when they sat me down and told me point-blank how I'm being annoying because I don't hang out with them. And why I kept going about my own merry way. So it's funny how it seems improbable to her that I have other friends.

Interesting enough, I realized that it worked both ways - I knew so little about them, and they also knew so little about me.