July 10, 2009

It's what you do with it that counts

I was chatting with our friend Jay earlier. The topic of camera equipment came up once again (he's into photography as well). Though we have slightly differing views on the matter, I don't think we've ever been at loggerheads about it. Yeah, we're mature. Plus, I understand perfectly where he's coming from anyway. But the thing is, I'll probably be old, rickety and gray before we can start the business if we aim to get all the top-of-the-line equipment in place. I've got a fantastic camera. I love it. I know how it works and we work well together. I take nice pictures with it. My clients are happy. So I'm not complaining.

Of course, we do plan to get THE equipment in the future. Just not now. Not yet anyway. Here's the thing: I've worked with a pro photographer who owned all the top-of-the-line camera equipment that you can possibly sneeze at. She doesn't only have one, she has two of everything. Now looking at her equipment alone was overwhelming. VERRRRRY professional. Beside her, I looked like such a newbie, I should be hanging my head in shame for even daring to work with her.

BUT...life is full of surprises.

As it turns out, she doesn't even know how to use most of her equipment. AT ALL. She shoots in Program mode exclusively. Her instruction: just get the shots. Don't experiment with Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority.

So I realized that all her fancy schmancy stuff were just that - fancy schmancy stuff, props to give the impression that she's a pro. She wouldn't know how to use the different settings in her camera to save her life. Silly me for getting slightly intimidated. If people fall for that, then that's up to them. Me? I might not have the "photographer" look down pat, but I'll just amble along doing my thing. You can have the best equipment out there, but really, it's what you do with it that counts.

Oh, and I've seen people take gorgeous pictures with their point-and-shoots. Proves my point eh?


Lene said...

I remember her. :p And the chat we had about the essence of photography. And speaking of, my cousin who is getting married had to give up a prenup shoot because the photo studio she was eyeing costs so much, so she had to choose a low-cost option. The cost is high only because the photographer is a member of this and that photography society. But he is no better than the others in the area. Tsk.

Doesn't it feel good that your efforts paid of? :)

Cecilia said...

Hey, I shared your cousin's dilemma on the prenup shoot with my sister. Check your ymail. :D