July 29, 2009

The past came back not to haunt, but to enlighten

In our lives, there are too few opportunities to find out what went wrong with certain situations. Most of the time, we are all left pondering on things and coming to terms with situations on our own. We create our own closure that allows us to move on.

Lucky for me, the opportunity for closure arose. It was unexpected but I didn't back away. Fire away. Tell me what happened. Tell me why it happened. I will listen. I will also tell you what I know. Afterwards, I underwent a day-long emotional roller coaster ride. In the end, I felt happy and thankful. Like a burden has been lifted. I didn't even realize that there was still a burden being carried. The person from my past gave me an important gift - closure wrapped neatly in a package. No more questions. Well no, there remains two, but it doesn't matter anymore to me. It's been years. There were reasons why I wasn't privy to those information. What matters is that the air has been cleared between me and that person.

If you can read this, thank you.


... Paige said...

good, clear air is important for health