July 24, 2009

Thank goodness for phone upgrades...

...and full discount eligibility!

You never know when technology will act up. Early this morning, I remember receiving a text from my Mom. I didn't reply because I was still sleepy, thinking that I'll reply once I'm officially awake. Never happened though because when I woke up, my phone was off. I plugged it in, thinking it probably ran out of battery juice. I turned it on, it turned itself off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. Arrrrgh!

My sister Lynn and my husband can attest to my panic. I hardly memorize phone numbers anymore. I didn't have a spare cellphone to move the SIM card into. And I still haven't replied to my Mom's text!

It was useless panicking. So I gave up.

Before 4pm, I decided to check my phone again. It was ON! But it refused to be unlocked. It was cranky. I was cranky. I spoke to T-Mobile Customer Care folks to find out my options. Ordering online and even over the phone will take forever just waiting for the new phone. I thought of heading to the nearest T-Mobile store, which was exactly what happened. My husband ended up buying me the Motorola Zine (retail price around $350...here's CNET's review) for $50, plus the usual taxes, upgrade fee, etc. Happily, I was eligible for a full discount. Thanks for the new phone, hubby dear!

So now I've got a new cellphone.