August 8, 2009

Good grief!

I was into reading Charlie Brown books while growing up. I've always wondered what Charlie Brown meant when he said, "good grief!" Up to now, I still don't get it.

So I got to thinking about grief and the grieving process. One grieves when one loses something - a loved one, a job, a relationship, an heirloom, money, whatever. Grieving opens you up to such emotions as anguish, depression, despair, gloom, melancholy, misery, sadness, sorrow, among others. It can be caused by heartache or heartbreak. Sometimes it is caused by regrets - things you did or didn't do. Some people mourn for what they had; others, for what they never had, but could've been.

I guess Charlie Brown has it right. Grief is good. If you don't deal with people, events and situations, then these will continue to affect you in ways you can't imagine. Even when you are not aware that they still exert a pull on your psyche one way or another. Some things might disappear, but do not go away. So when you feel like mourning a loss in your life, do so. Go for it. Embrace it. Give yourself time to feel what you're feeling. You'll come out of it all the better. That's not so bad now, isn't it?